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Eagle Eye Photography - Rutsen Eagle Photography - Panorama Farm - Destination Wedding

A lot has been going on over here at Eagle Eye/Rutsen Eagle Photography. We look forward to meeting you! This image was created for Lilly and Phil from their wedding at The Panorama Farm. This was such a great wedding. We had amazing conditions and that kind of calm feeling you have when you wake up Sunday morning. Also, Lily shot me an email and it blew me away. I wanted to share it with you guys. This is truly beautiful stuff. Thanks for your time. Have a blessed day!


"Rutsen was the perfect choice as our wedding photographer. He showed extreme professionalism, but was also viewed by all as an extremely kind and helpful guest. Rutsen took on many more duties other than photography- he was constantly aware of the timeline and the details of the day and he helped in many ways to keep the plan of the day perfect! Because of his naturally caring and easygoing personality, my husband and I enjoyed welcoming Rutsen to the party as more than ‘the wedding photographer.’ Rutsen was able to capture all the crucial moments of the day, as well as the moments we weren’t even aware of! He caught all the intimacy in a noninvasive manner. The images he created with planned poses as well as the ones he captured covertly, illustrate our personalities, compatibility, and deep companionship perfectly. Rutsen’s talents go beyond photography and into a deeper understanding and care for his clients. He clearly understood us as a couple, rather than simply ‘another bride and groom,’ and it shows in the thousands of photos we received! Rutsen was quick to edit, post, and mail us his final products….which we could not be happier with"

-Lily Collins (The Bride)


Katie + Marcus Pendleton - Rutsen Eagle Photography - Eagle Eye Photography - Diana Markowitz and John Markowitz thow a party for Riley Grace Pendleton 

We had a blast at The Markowitz place! Tyler and I got to see friends that we hadn't seen in years and hang out for a few hours alone. It was definitely an awesome co-ED baby shower!

We were there to celebrate life and that is always satisfying. Katie and Marcus deserve this amazing miracle. Please think positive vibes for these 3. Life is about to open up in a way that is more beautiful than one could have ever imagined. 

Please enjoy the pics and many thanks to Diana, it was a blast!

Tyler and I are very happy for you guys and we are glad to share these pics with the world to show our support for Katie, Marcus and Riley. We cant wait to meet you bud!


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The Wilton House - The Walk - Bride Rachel Hall and Dad - #F3 - RutsenEagle.com - Richmond Wedding Photographer

Back in the office today for a good bit and very excited to have started the day with this moment in time. This moment in time was frozen at the Wilton House. This is one of the most beautiful walks in Richmond!



http://www.thejohnmarshallballrooms.com/ - The John Marshall Ballrooms - Richmond Wedding Photographer - Rutsen Eagle Photography - Lauren + Brian - Wedding and Reception - RutsenEagle.com

It was a beautiful day for a wedding and love was in the air. We were all crying in the room as Lauren and her Dad pulled on our heart strings. The setting was The John Marshall Ballrooms and Lauren and Brian were making magic ALL DAY! This beautiful moment was captured during the vow exchange. I think that the big guy has blessed this couple many times. The light in this image reminds us that if we are in the right place at the right time the perfect shot is inevitable. It also makes this ceremony shot much more interesting. Thanks for visiting.



Cakes by Graham - Behind The Scenes - Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens - CCS Events - Richmond Wedding Photographer - Rutsen Eagle Photography - Wedding Day

It is always great to work with friends and recently I had that opportunity. I was happy to be working with CCS Events and bumping into Graham for this quick pic was great! Every time I see a wedding cake I know the show is about to start!

The stage is set and the cake is ready to rock and roll!
Cakes by Graham always has the best cakes and I have no choice but to break my diet and endulge. This is never a mistake!



Check out Grahms cakes over at:



I also had the pleaseure of working with CCS Events. You can get more information on them here:


The love of story of Melissa and Glen is comming soon. Thank you for stopping by.


Richmond Wedding Photography - Rutsen Eagle Photography - Eagle Eye Photography - Lauren + Brian Hayes - Engagement Session 

Lauren and I truly met in a traditional, somewhat gradual, way – we met through mutual friends and mutual interests.  I guess if we had to trace it back to a single activity or location, we initially interacted most frequently on my work softball team.  However, I think that if it had not been for that we would probably have found each other through other social occasions.

After bravely moving to Richmond from Chicago/Michigan State country, Lauren made friends with some mutual friends of mine.  She began playing on the Joyce Engineering softball team, and suddenly, my Thursday night men’s beer-league softball commitment was not quite as important.  Outside of softball, we shared a “love” of golf – golf is not so much a game that is “loved”.  Rather, it is mostly tolerated, followed by spurts of anger, embarrassment, and maddening bliss.  However, we did begin to play as part of a semi-regular foursome.  From there, our connection could not be denied.  We continued to find mutual interests – cooking, watching sports, playing sports, drinking, taking Kira (Lauren’s dog) for walks, card games with friends, and on.  Not to mention, Lauren is hot.  After a few dates and nights out with each other, our relationship quickly changed from friendship to something more.  Not to say that things progressed TOO quickly, but it was not long after that we were virtually living together in Lauren’s 500? square foot apartment.  My apartment became more storage space than anything.   I am still amazed how well we made that work, and that Lauren actually gave up half of the only closet in the place.  Half!  Perhaps, that is a testament to our patience and compromise with each other.  Anyway, I think that briefly covers our start together, and from there things have always been moving forward.  We love each other and could not be happier!









RVA Photography - Family Portraits - Rutsen Eagle - Eagle Eye Photography

We met Rutsen going on 3 1/2 years ago, originally to shoot our wedding. Since then, we have really gotten to know him and his growing family. Knowing how amazing he is behind the camera, and that he is a new dad himself, he was the first person we thought of when we decided to take pictures of our little man. He was great with the baby and he really knows the attention span of a 1 year old boy. Not only did we all have so much fun, the pictures are just fantastic! He really captured Alex’s personality, and all of his adorable expressions are proof. What a great time, and we have it all captured on camera thanks to Rutsen! We really cannot thank Rutsen Eagle, and Eagle Eye Photography, enough!